A notice about our Support

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, many of you have utilised Databridge a lot more, expanding your knowledge and usage of the system, as well as the additional applications available for use alongside it. As a result we experienced a much larger number of support enquiries, training requests and general usage of the system over the last year.

At Databridge, making sure our customers and users are supported is our top priority, so we have been making changes to accommodate this. We will shortly be bringing on new staff to create a new team that will operate purely for your support. They will be responsible for answering your queries, assisting you with on-screen guidance, training, writing guides and anything else within the scope of ensuring a speedy response.

Please note that the restructure of our current support procedures and training of new staff will take some initial time, so please do give some consideration for this new team in its early stages. This will also require some time from our developers to assist the new team, so we may need to incur a development freeze for a period to allow a smooth transition but we will announce this later if required.

We look forward to having this in place and improving our already good standards for support. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Richard Allwood.

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