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April Update, ILR and upcoming Forums

As well as listing developments added in our monthly update (v2.0.0.348), this post will detail some changes for the ILR and two upcoming forums.

ILR Changes

This recent update contains an option for 2022/23 for the ILR Manager. This includes the following changes:

- New Funding Model: Skills Bootcamps, code 37

- New Programme Types: Skills Bootcamps, code 32 and Combined Authorities, code 33

- New Employment Status Monitoring Code: Small or Medium Employer, code OET 2

- Previous Learner Ref Number and Previous UKPRN fields listed

We recommend reading the summary of changes for revisions made whereby some fields will no longer be required in 2022/23:

For those using Desktop ILR still, we aim to put these some changes available there as well for 22/23.

Upcoming Forums

You can find the dates for these on our events page at the top. We are planning to have two on the same day and will discuss Care Plans and Work Experience. Whilst we will be aiming to display some development changes planned, the overall aim will be to discuss on how these are currently used and improvements you feel we can make.

If you are new to these areas, we recommend joining to learn more. If you use these areas already, please do join with the intention to discuss your usage and pros/cons accordingly.

We are also looking at making these forums available in person again but interested in thoughts before that. Pre-Covid these forums often took place at a College that was happy to host and allowed for networking, touring the College and in person discussions. Please do let us know if this is something you would like to see again or happy to continue with online forums.


- New SLASC export screen available, found in Reports Menu -> Exports

- New Data Overview by Tutor report, found in Reports Menu -> Students

- Holiday Entitlement report (Excel version) now has first 6 and last 6 months taken columns

- Bank Holidays added to Staff Holiday Entitlement

- Free School Meals filter added to Day/Session Attendance dashboards

- Staff Reports - Training (Columns) report now lists Category, Sub-Category and Set Location fields

- New bookmarks added to Student Reports -> Custom tab

- Target Cache export - Filter by Show Available added


- New Blood Glucose Level field added which includes history tracking as per Height/Weight

- New fields for Medication: Reason, Taken with Provision, Risks associated

- Funding Statements now have an option for Hours per Week and Minutes per week to calculate. The same figure will display as before across the Funding record.

Event Log

- If changing the Category on an existing event, the Status field will now reset.

Next Developments

During May, we will be concentrating on development requests around the Event Log as well as some minor developments for the forums listed above.

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