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Changes to our services

Over the years we have spent time improving our services to try and improve communication methods, help and support. During that time we have established Forums, Events, Online Help, Courses/Videos, Ticketing System and more.

During August, we will be looking to change these current services slightly to further improve on our internal usage and your experience with a look to roll these changes out for after September. The majority of users will be unaffected by these changes but if you contact support, raise tickets, ask for developments etc then please do be aware these processes will be slightly different.

Essentially we want to bring all the services mentioned above into a single site/area whereby the following would be included:

- Raising tickets

- Viewing online help articles / knowledge base

- Quick help widget for searching online articles

- Access to online courses/videos

- Announcements/News

- Forums/Events

- Feature Requests

This site would be accessible from both within Databridge (via Help link on left menu) and via our main website (via the myDatabridge link). This means general users and those that contact us for support will find the new site automatically when using these options as they currently do. It would mean though that this current news site, the current online help area and the current myDatabridge would all be (eventually) closed down as the new site replaces them, so if you are using Favourites/Bookmarks for example you would need to change these.

To provide a bit more information around tickets and developments, here is how some of the individual services would change:

- Raise ticket option for Question, Problem or Feature Request

- Raise tickets on anothers behalf (even if not a myDatabridge user)

- Email support and ticket raised automatically

- Reply to notifications from tickets that automatically populate ticket

- Development requests would be listed in the Forum under a specific Feature Requests area so others can view, vote, comment and see updates. This would show Planned and Implemented status.

- Feature Requests can be created directly in the Forum without needing to raise a ticket

- If development request made via a ticket, this would be transferred to the Forum and the individual ticket still updated

- Planned developments will be shown in Announcements area of Forum e.g. "Planned Developments for September"

- Latest news, announcements and release notes will be shown in Announcements area of Forum

- Online Forums/Events listed which will be updated with the Teams (or other remote meeting) ID

Effectively, tickets should be easier to create and respond to, development requests will be more visible, planned developments for the near future will be visible and articles/courses found in the same location.

We are sure this will provide a hugely improved difference but if you would like to ask any further questions or raise any concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch. If anyone would like a preview of using this we would appreciate this, as it provides good testing/feedback for us as well before we decide to officially switch.

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