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Covid - Helpful Features (a reminder)

This post is another reminder to anyone about features available in Databridge that may be helpful during the pandemic.

Virus Tracking

As mentioned on a previous post we have added a Virus Tracking screen, this is being updated to include staff as well and will be available imminently.

Contact Tracing

In the reporting menu, there is a 'Contact Tracing' report for both Staff/Learners to see which Sessions they were in and other people within those Sessions to identify everyone they have been in contact with during a date period.

Parent Access

Free to all Platinum customers, you can use our Parent Access system to communicate with Parents, send messages and parents can submit work/evidence from home.

Student Access

Free to all Platinum customers, learners can logon, see their timetable, messages, lessons and write their own evaluation.

SMS Announcements

Can be setup in Policies/SMS tab and works using the widget 'SMS Announcements'. Ensure learner contacts have the SMS contact option ticked for them to receive them. These can be used to send text messages to students, contacts, staff and transport/taxi personnel for quick updates.


Our standalone worksheet application. It is currently undergoing development but can be used now to setup simple symbol/test based multiple choice worksheets for learners to complete from anywhere. This application will have a cost attached in the long term but during the pandemic we will keep this free to all our current customers.

Goat If you do not use Sessions in Databridge, this was a free application we released last year during the first lockdown to provide a simple timetable for learners/parents to login and view.

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