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During the pandemic, the majority of our training was delivered remotely. Whilst this lost the personal touch of our usual in person training, it did provide users with the ability to have recordings of the training session for internal/continued use. Since then, we get requests for videos around specific areas or customised for the College for the same purpose.

As a result, we are considering setting up an online set of standardised (and customised where possible) courses with training videos you can use internally for new and ongoing staff.

Before proceeding, we would love to discuss this with our customers, any feedback they have and ideally any particular set of areas/courses they would love to see. If this is accepted by customers as a good idea and likely to use these, then the courses will be available to all as part of your existing support agreement.

Please do join the event to discuss and express your own opinions/desires around this potential idea. To do so, please use the Events link at the top of this site and use the RSVP option.

If you are unable to attend but would like to let us know your thoughts on potential areas/courses, please do feel free to send these to our usual support address.

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