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June Update

Released 01/07/2022, this recent monthly update contains the following developments:

ILR Changes - Important!

The ILR Manager screens have been adjusted in SPA for the LDFM fields. Instead of all the individual fields, codes and dates on display for each possible iteration, these have been replaced with a new column for Learner Delivery and Funding Monitoring. This column has an option to manage these fields where you can add as required rather than all fields on display which also allows us to accommodate further ILR specification changes on the maximum numbers allowed for these types. Any pre-existing entries in these fields should already be carried over. Please note that Desktop will be having this change implemented as well in the near future, however you can still use this as before.

Day Attendance Dashboard

Due to a few support queries around attendance figures on this Dashboard where we found the issue to be due to Missing attendance marks, we have changed the Data Based On and Attendance Summary parts of this Dashboard to state how many 'Not Entered' records there are so this is easily picked up.


- On manual achieving Target, option to update Score added.

- ROP Manager, if using v2021 template the Programme tab now has a Goals/Outcome notes area.

- Evidence Browser now includes Score tags, used to only display Targets currently at that score.

- Funding Templates can now be grouped.

- Funding List screen now has a Department filter.

- Important Information field added to default Care Plan print.

- Offsite forms email notifications now contains URL to specific record.

- New Notification option in Admin -> Stu Notifications, for when an Objective has been achieved.

- Blood pressure fields changed to record both Systolic and Diastolic values.

- New field for Heart Rate added.

- New fields for Previous Surname and Previous Firstname added.

- New System Label added for the Known As field.

Risk Assessments

- Standard Values now allows multiple risk assessment setups to provide different types you wish to record including different hazards/risks.

- Risk Assessment screen changed to accommodate these different setups.

- Ability to select which Hazards to include from a Risk Assessment setup.

- Risk Assessment screen layout changed to pull down relevant risk to see details.


- Show Sessions on Staff Timetable they oversee by default. Toggle available in options to hide these.

- Rota Manager now displays the Overtime toggle in blue.

- Holiday requests changed to not allow requesting the same day multiple times.

- Absence Manager now displays date requested on Holiday Requests.


- Objectives now available in Block Reporting.

- Renewal date displayed in red where applicable for Staff Qualification/Training reports.

- Qualification Unit details report includes Start date, End date and Status notes.

- Session Changes report now has Export Excel option.

- Curriculum Area Summary report, Excel Export layout changed.

- Staff Appraisals report now includes Department, Location Information, Job Title and Line Manager.

- Sessions without recording report now has Excel Export option.

- Sessions with text incomplete report now has Excel Export option.

- Subject Breakdown report now has Excel Export option.

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