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May Update

Released 31/05/2022, this recent monthly update contains the following developments:

Event Log - Linking Events

Linking Events has changed from the option on Find Event to its own screen in the left navigation menu. Here you can group Events and provide a heading for the reason for grouping them. Any existing linked events should automatically be grouped.

As before, any links on Events will display on Find and Details screens.

Event Log - Adding/Editing/Setup

- Residential filter for selecting Students

- Status can be set as a Mandatory field in Category Setup

- Max per category setting. Anything entered here in Category setup greater than 0, will prompt individuals if an Event Category for the same Student has already been added the number of times that match if applicable

- New policy option to set Find Event date range to current academic year

- Bulk Update for Status on Find Event screen

- Start date field added to Actions

- Required custom fields highlighted red if not entered

- Body map sets shown in Audit Log

Event Log Reporting

- Is in list filter option now has Select All

- Custom date range option on Dashboard

- Pie chart option added (single dataset only)

- Student Photo added as Template Bookmark

- Attachments added as field on Text Report fields

- Actions screen has option to display Event details

- New bookmark for Event Log templates for attachments. If any attachments are images they will display as such on the document

Care Plan

- Scheduled tasks now has Monthly, Quarterly and Annually options

- New Review Date field added to Statements, these indicate if passed

- View of Care Plans has changed to Quick/Detailed view. Detailed view is the current view, Quick view is designed for quick mobile use of reading Statements

- New policy to set read audit of Statements. If turned on, users will see indication of statements that have changed and need to click to say they have read to alert them to changes


- When adding new Targets and setting a Baseline Score, this will also update the Actual/Current Score

- Today/Yesterday added to quick ranges on Evidence Browser


- Delete Session option on Session Allocator


- New Checklist Dashboard (found in Reporting Menu) to display grid of Students and Checklist items added


- Import option added to General Addresses

- Send by email option added to SMS attachments

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