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New Learner Portal

We are currently testing a new Learner Portal and would like to invite customers, both who are using the existing portal and those who have yet to use it, to try out the new portal. Initially this would be on our own demonstration area but we can make it available to anyone who wishes to try with their own setup/data as well.

This new portal is a newer PWA (Portable Web Application) that allows it to be installed on a computer, phone or tablet as a native application. This type of application is how we will be configuring Databridge 3 and other future products so it will be key to identifying any individual setups we may need to accommodate.

This testing will also serve as an opportunity for feedback to provide ideas, development requests and visual changes you may want us to include before it is officially released.

If you are interested, please get in touch by 1st November if possible, whereby we will announce a date for a remote forum to demonstrate, discuss and then open it for testing.

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