New Qualification Screen

As of v2.0.0.119, released 07/03/2021, there is now a new screen for Qualifications which can be found underneath the Learners module.

This screen will allow you to create a 'header' record for a Qualification, then assign Learners to it. This gives you a way to see everyone listed underneath a Qualification, as well as being able to bulk add/edit accordingly as well.

Please note that by default any existing Qualifications for Learners will not be 'attached' to any headers and won't be listed. However you can choose to Attach existing Qualifications instead, to show them underneath a header and allow you to bulk edit.

For more information or a quick overview of the new screen please get in touch. It is likely to receive immediate feedback as our customers look at this so we expect there will be some initial changes as well.

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