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To all who joined, thank you so much it was good to see a high level of interest so we can further improve our intended end product for our new Learner portal. We wanted to just push out an update as to what was discussed including some possible developments around other systems.

New Text Forum

We have a new space for discussions where you can provide feedback and we will post further updates about the Learner Portal as we develop it. Please get in touch if you would like to join this and engage in these discussions or simply get notified when we post updates. There will be a variety of channels for discussion, adding new ones as required for specific discussions. The new text forum is now available as a link on this site should you need to find it.

New Portal

We demonstrated the new Learner Portal for first impressions on functionality including but not limited to: Text to speech, Speech to text, Immersive Reader, ILP, Messages, Timetable/Sessions. You gave great feedback about other possible items to add including but not limited to: , Digital Forms, Evidence, Consents, Menus. For further information and/or to watch the video recording of this meeting please do join the text forum mentioned above where this will be made available.

Menu Management

A request for menus to be made available during the forum triggered a conversation around a development that was already being considered around menu management. We have posted our suggested solution for this in the text forum mentioned above, if this is of interest to you please do go there, read the details and comment accordingly before we action the development.

Payment Integration

It was asked if the new Learner portal could have payment/billing however we indicated we would like to finish putting this into the Parent portal before we look to integrate there to ensure functionality working as everyone expects it to. For information around this, a channel is available on the new text forum mentioned above.

In summary, whilst we have mentioned the new forum as its the best place to continue discussions or view updates, you are welcome to contact us directly as usual for information or feedback.

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