Recent Update v2.0.0.106

Released 29/01/2021, this recent update contains the following developments:


In Standard Values, you can now set departments to be specific to either Learners or Staff. This will determine the options for the relevant Find/Detail screens accordingly.

Study Programme

New option to print Study Programmes included.


A new option has been added to the Session screen on the right hand side. You can now select to add Multiple Objectives for a Learner, helpful if you are making multiple changes to the Objectives listed.

Virus Tracker

There is now a 3rd tab available on this screen to display charts applicable to the records added. If any further charts or printouts are required please do let us know.

Colour Theme

Within the Site Settings in Standard Values, you can now select to use your own colours for the main left hand menu. This will be useful to either match the colours to your own brand or if you have multiple sites you can easily identify the site logged into by the colour.

Please note that changing this will affect all users in that site as well and you will need to refresh the page after updating to see the change. Please also note that this does not overwrite the VI colour option available to Staff in My Defaults to ensure these users are not affected by changes here.

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