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Recent Update v2.0.0.116

Released 02/03/2021, this recent update includes the following developments: Daily DfE Widget

A new widget has been added to the Dashboard called Daily DfE. This will provide numbers of Timetabled Learners broken down into ones with an EHCP or Social Worker. It also shows attendance by these breakdowns as well. Added for the purpose of assisting you in providing DfE information requested each day.

Review Meeting Category Security

A new option under the Security module has been added called 'Review Category'. Here you can now add additional restrictions to the different categories you have setup for Review Meetings. This works in the same way as Document Category security.

Event Log

- New tick options in Category setup for Show Print and Show Debrief

- Show Print unticked will switch off the basic print option

- Show Debrief will show a new dropdown field in the header. The values of this can be changed in Standard Values.

Learner Support Codes

Usually restricted only to those customers using School Census application, the ability to add Support Codes has been released to all customers. These are found on the Learner record, under the View menu.

Learner Access Changes

- The ILP options are now configured by a new Policies area in Databridge instead of using the default ILP settings. - There is now a text view version of the Timetable you can switch to. - The Student Evaluation box can now contain default text to prompt relevant questions/feedback. If you are using LAP, please contact us to arrange update.

Attendance Reporting

- Status added as a filter to both Day and Session dashboard screens.

- New 'Positive Attendance' chart added to both Day and Session dashboard screens.

Learner Changes

- New policy added to make Department a mandatory field when adding. - New EHCP Outcome report added to Learner common reports.

- New Learners by Age added to Learner common reports.

- Learner contacts can now have a photo attached (used in Transport development mentioned below)

New Transport Screen

Found under the Learners module, a new Transport screen has been added to specify against Learners: - Parent - Company providing Transport

- Driver

- Escort

- Arrangements/Notes

- Any images attached to the company (such as licence copies)

If you have added an image of the Parent you can view this from this new screen as well as the licence details or similar if you have attached these to the company. In order for companies to appear here, they must be added as a general address under the Transport type (which will need adding if not done already).

Learner Applications

- New Application Status field added

- Link to Learner Ratios screen added

Single Central Record

- New Status filter added

Review of Progress Manager

A new version entry has been added called 'v2021'. If using this you then have access to some new tabs:

- Lessons (Analyse Timetable)

- Meeting (Add Meetings/Attendees)

- Programme (Add Qualifications without affecting main ones)

- Transition Planning (Actions box)

- Recommendations (List of Actions/Recommendations)

Some custom reports have been created for individual Colleges as well.

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