Recent Update v2.0.0.122

Released 15/03/2021, this update contains the following developments:

Baseline Assessments

On Baseline Manager, there is a new icon in the table for the Baseline at the top of the screen. This will allow you to transfer Targets from the Baseline into Live Targets for the Learner.

Learner Documents

On the Documents screen for a Learner, there is now a recorded view history when individual files are opened or downloaded. The view history is visible using the available button in the actions on the right hand side.

Adding Targets

When adding Targets, on the Include column for the Objectives, a tick icon is now displayed to allow you to Select/Deselect all accordingly.

Residential Label

The Residential word has now been changed to a custom Label under Learners in Standard Values.

Incidental Learning Files

A new icon is available on the Incidental Learning screen to list and view the attached evidence files for the record.

Staff Report - Training in Columns

New report underneath Qualifications in Columns on Staff -> Reports, that displays the same way but focuses on Training records instead of Qualifications.

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