Recent Update v2.0.0.125

Release 21/03/2021, this recent update includes the following developments:

Staff Rota

New filters included when Adding Staff to a Rota including:

- Location (uses the Set Location on Work tab)

- Search text box for name

- Check if staff already on Shift

Parent Access

New policies to determine Attendance chart and dashboard areas included. Please make sure you request updating to the latest version of PA if you are using this. If you have automated updates in place then this will be available already.

Baseline Manager

When editing an existing Baseline, you can now change the Batch label.

Copying Sessions Function

When using the Copy Sessions function under the Edit menu on Session Manager, you can now opt to choose if you want to copy the contents of the textboxes as well or not.

SOC Codes

SOC Codes are now available on Destination and Work Experience screens. You can modify the codes via Standard Values accordingly if required.

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