Recent Update v2.0.0.130

Released 28/03/2021, this recent update includes the following developments:

Scheduled Messages

For those that are unaware we have a separate windows service available that sends out email notifications on a daily period instead of immediately at the time. This is to help create smaller numbers of emails instead of receiving multiple during the day.

This update provided the following additions to the scheduled emails:

- Day Attendance absences emailed on day of Absence

- Event Log notifications where a new send option for Scheduled has been added to act as the trigger

- DBS Renewal dates, sent 30 days to the staff in question as a reminder

Please get in touch to have this installed if you would like to use any of these features.


Added ability under Target actions, to change the Target Cache area the individual Target is currently filed under. Please note this only works for custom/personalised Targets.

New policy added that when selected defaults the Academic Year filter on the Targets screen to the current year.

Incidental Learning records and evidence added to the Evidence Timeline, available from the View menu on a Student record.

Offsite Forms

The risk assessment area now has custom options for each field in this table.

Student Ratios

Averages added to table view accordingly.

Student Applications

New filter added for Application Status on list view.

Student Timetable

New timetable setting in standard values -> site settings for department. This is used to determine if the department filter on the Student Timetable screen will default to the Students department or default to Any/All.

Holiday Entitlement

A new security permission 'Staff - Holiday Request Approver' has been added, which provides anyone with this permission to view/approve/deny holiday requests as well as the Line Manager from the dashboard.

Event Logs

When completing actions, there is now a tick option for No Longer Applicable. This marks the action accordingly on screen so users know it was not required.


New staff common report - Length of service. Uses the Employed From date to calculate this.

Anyone with the permission 'Staff - End Employment Notification' will now not only continue to receive emails when someone used the End Employment feature on staff records, they will also get a notification when a new staff is added or their end date is changed. This is to help IT or related staff know about possible staff changes so they can ensure security accordingly.

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