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Targets Forum - 6th April

As many of you are aware we are hosting a forum to discuss Targets on the 6th April from 9:30-12:30. This post is to provide some additional details and to make others aware of the forum taking place in case they want to join.

Whilst we are hosting this forum, the purpose of it is for our customers to discuss Targets amongst themselves. Asking questions about what others do, how they record, how they measure progress, what type of setup is their Target Cache and anything else Target related you want to discuss. Please do prepare questions you may have beforehand so as not to miss out.

If you want to network with anyone from the forum afterwards, we will be happy to arrange getting you in touch so further conversations between you can take place.

We will be acting as a simple host for this forum, taking notes, summarising questions and anything else required which we will publish later on our forum pages, for anyone to add further questions/comments to.

The forum is not set to a strict schedule so you may join/leave whenever you would like, we would recommend joining near the start though to avoid missing on initial questions. During the forum you are also welcome to ask for generic questions to be asked to the forum participants (such as "Who uses this feature"), should you want to discuss other areas afterwards as well. Again we will post these questions in our forum area on this site so please check back on that area after the forum.

Please find the link below for joining the forum:

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