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August Update

Released 01/09/2021, this months update contains the following developments:

Baseline Assessments

After assigning an initial Staff member to Targets you wish to assess, you can now select up to 2 more additional staff that will be able to view and score the assessment as well. Useful if you have multiple staff assessing the same areas for a Learner.

Curriculum Area Tracker now indicates Incidental Learning records against relevant areas of the Target Cache.

Curriculum Area Tracker now allows the Scores to be edited onscreen without having to go back to the assessment scoring area.


Add/remove Tags on Incidental Learning records.

New Mental Capacity Assessment area added to Disability tab on Student record.


New widget - Destination Tracking Review. This widget locates any Destination records where the start date is within the last 1.5 years and displays them here. It then checks if that record has any Tracking records against it to determine if reviews were done and lists dates on the widget where these apply using the set intervals for 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

New widget - Students Started/Left in month. Simply lets you select a month/year and lists anyone who started or left within that period.

All sites option now available when creating Staff Announcements.


New policy to show the Category of an Event Log in the Subject Line of the email when receiving automated notifications.

New policy to setup a daily email of any changes made to Funding records. NOTE: You must have the schedule app installed for this to work.


The Print Evidence on Student Targets now checks both the actual evidence date recorded as well as the Target evidence date when selecting what to include on the report (if using date ranges).

New bookmarks available in Student -> Reports for the custom documents including Disability, Next of Kin phone details and Next of Kin relationship.

Staff -> Reports -> Monthly Absence now has a new option to split the report into the months themselves.

Category, Type and Subtitle fields added to Staff Training block in Block Reporting.

New report for Staff Vaccinations added to Staff -> Reports.


New system label for 'Dataset' in Block Reporting screen.

New system labels for Risk Assessment screen including Score, Likelihood and Severity.


Messages prompt removed when creating Sessions in Template mode.

Record Achievement/Observation modal updated on Event Log screen.

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