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February Update

To be released on 04/03/2022, this recent update will contain the following developments:

NEW - Score Tracker report.

Available in Reporting -> Reports Menu -> Achievement panel, this new report will display Score changes on Targets for either Live or Baseline records.


Day Attendance dashboard will now display related data with an excel export option.


Absence Dashboard now has filters for Department, Category and Subcategory.

Absence Manager - Length of Service added to the Absence Headers (Excel) report.

Holiday Entitlement Templates - Subcategory added.

Length of Service report - Excel option added.

Single Central Record - More fields added to view/edit screen.

Staff Record - New External field added to mark Staff as external, displays an (E) next to their name in the Staff list.


Show/hide archived toggle added to Consents.

Blood Pressure, value, date and Tracking options added to Student record.

Set Local Authority when adding new Students.

Student Applications - Residential Nights/Week added and syncs with same field on Student record.

Incidental Learning block added to Block reporting.

Principal Disability added to Students block on Block reporting.

LAC filter added to Student common reports screen.

Evidence Browser - LTG/MTG, Core/Subject will display accordingly.

Baseline Assessments

Curriculum Area Tracker - View evidence on Targets from Incidental Learning or Live Targets.

Curriculum Area Tracker - Toggle added to Show/Hide rows where Targets are achieved.

Curriculum Area Tracker - Print All option added to export for all Curriculum Areas for the same Student.

Curriculum Area Tracker - Percentages displayed with 2 decimal places.

Baseline Manager - New Incomplete Baselines report.

Reassessments - New option to include Targets added to the Cache not yet on the Baseline.

Scores - New colour option for No Score as per Site Settings change.


Site Settings - Set colour to use for Baseline Assessment scoring value of No Score.

System Labels - Labels can now be changed per Site.

Screen Audit - Staff filter added.

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