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Information on updates and support

At Databridge we are always striving to improve on our support, communication and developments. Earlier this year we restructured our support team and processes and as a result this has been a big improvement resulting in some great feedback (thank you) and allowing us to release larger numbers of developments. As we start to approach the next academic year we are making more changes to further improve our services.

Development Updates

Part of changes to releasing developments was to alter our updates from daily to weekly, allowing for more changes to be incorporated with each update. From 1st July, we will be changing this further to release updates monthly instead of weekly. This is to allow us to include more developments in a single update and have fewer release notes and news updates for you to follow. We believe this will benefit all parties but please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Please note that any fixes, urgent developments, Ofsted report requests etc will still be provided in an immediate update. These will not require waiting until the end of the month to be released, only the general developments from our schedule will apply.

Help Options

Over the last few years we made several video tutorials and this news site to further improve on communication and help to our customers.

We have been working on an online help centre to include guides for all areas of Databridge and plan for this to be released by September. This is currently being developed but if you would like an early access view of this you can do so by visiting:

If you find this useful, please do let us know and if you'd like any areas of Databridge you would like to see articles about sooner. This way we can adjust the order of the areas of Databridge we are looking to include.

This new site will be available to get to as an option in Databridge directly as 'Help' in the navigation menu before the next academic year.

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