January Update

Released 31/01/2022, version includes the following developments:


New options for Age filters on Find Student screen.


If using scoring, when recording an Achievement and you select to update the score, if this matches the set Predicted score, a new prompt will appear giving you options to Achieve or Part Achieve the Target accordingly.

Entered By filter added to Evidencing Browser screen.

The ability to restore Archived Long Term Goals has been added.


Ability to attach proof/attachment to Staff Vaccinations.

Holiday Entitlement now includes option for Day as well as Month to calculate from on an individual.

Virus Tracking now displays staff with NO test results for selected date range.

Shift Pattern selection now available on adding Staff Absences.

Category and Sub-Category fields added to Staff Applications area.


New filters for Tutor, Looked After Child and Child In Need on Progress Reports.

Multi-select Status field added to Session Attendance Reports.

NEW - Targets - Raw Data report added to Reports Menu for excel export of the raw Target information for Learners.

NEW - Subject / Cache Area Achievement in Sessions report added to Reports Menu. A new article will be created shortly to explain the setup of this report, which looks at Objectives added or recorded in Sessions, grouped by a selection of Target Cache areas.

NEW - Staff Links Performance added to Student common reports screen.

NEW - Number of Targets achieved by Skill Area/Month added to Progress Dashboard screen.

Curriculum Area Tracker and Overall Chart reports on Baseline Assessments now include more options for viewing by Skill Type and score breakdown.


Vaccination Types in Standard Values now has a Maximum Number setting to control how many of that type you can set on a single individual.

Our current development aims for February are for the following areas:

- Baseline Assessments

- Reporting Requests

- Single Central Record

- Custom Prints (ILP/Care Plan etc)

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