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New ILR Manager

We are currently working on a new ILR Manager screen in Databridge to replace needing to use the older Desktop system to complete these.

The expected timescale to have finished this is currently the end of February (pending Support, Training and other customer needs that are prioritised above this).

We are looking for any customers/users that would be happy to try the new screen as part of extended User Testing to provide feedback and suggestion. Ideally any testers of the new screen will be experienced with the current ILR Manager and are confident in verifying ILR files outside of Databridge (whether via the FIS tool or manually).

Please contact us if you would like to be one of the initial testers. If you are interested, but do not wish to be a tester, we will be hosting a small forum for this new screen after testing period for people to join, view and comment.

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