New Integrations

Just a quick update on the following integrations:


A new text message service that has replaced Clockwork SMS. For those who were using Clockwork please look to contact them, update your account and update Databridge accordingly with new details.

This integration is available now and can be setup in the Policies -> SMS area of Databridge. You just need to setup an account with TextAnywhere (whereby you can trial it first without cost) and enter your username/password into Databridge.

If you are using or would like to use another available SMS integration, please note we already have an integration for PageOne as well and are open to other existing SMS services you may wish to use.


We have now created an API tested by Wonde that can be used for integration. At the moment we are collecting particular requirements of what data customers would like to export from Databridge accordingly for the integration before this is available to our customers. If this is of interest to you please do get in touch.

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