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November Update

Released 03/12/2021, this monthly update will contain the following developments:

Recruitment Portal Integration

We have released a new, free, recruitment portal for our customers called Penny. This will allow you to post jobs for advertisement within Databridge and receive email notifications with attached CV for people who apply. This new portal has only just been released and this is the first post about it so it has yet to receive any job postings but we look forward to you all changing that.

If you are interested in using this portal please do contact us to arrange the setup. It costs nothing and you can list your job posting online for free. Once we have a range of job posts listed we will market this new portal further to reach a wider audience.

ILR Grid Version

Under the ILR module there is now a split between viewing the Manager screen. You will be able to choose Forms (the current view with breakdown per item) and a new layout Grid. The grid view will display all data on screen in tabular format similar to the previous system whilst maintaining the newer functionality of the Forms layout.

As with the Forms layout, please do give us your honest feedback on how this screen works for you, if you prefer this to the Forms layout or not, ease of use compared to Forms layout etc. This will help us build upon the ILR management module to make it the best for you to use as possible.

ILR Calculate Work Experience hours from Timetable

A new field is available on Subjects in Standard Values to indicate a Subject is related to Work Experience. This will work with a new Calculate Hours button on Work Experience records to determine hours from timetabled sessions using any Subjects marked as described.

Staff Rotas

Option to print Rotas between selected date range added.

Ability to add Learner links to Staff, these are also displayed on prints.

Event Log

New policy added to disable auto setting the date and time.

Day filter and Student Group filter added to reporting criteria options.

New policies to disable showing the Duration and Location field on email notifications.

Session Manager

New option next to Staff/Learners to quick move them to another Session in the same day.

Work Experience

Records will automatically display contacts for the selected employer if they have been added to the Contacts tab on a Learner record.


Ability to select multiple Learners at the same time when adding a Funding record to bulk add.

Ability to set the default Status that is used when creating new Funding records in System Defaults in Standard Values.

New Export Contributions option added to the list screen.

Fields added to the existing Export option.


Any documents listed on the Qualifications screen are now also listed on the overall Learner Documents screen.


When changing a Job Title, an email notification will be sent accordingly to anyone with the End Employment permission. This is used for anyone who may need to adjust IT related systems or other systems outside of Databridge accordingly.

Medical Absence requests now have an optional Reason field for more information.

Holiday entitlement requests changed to only allow requesting within allowance.

Attendance Tracking

New policy to determine if Attendance Tracking is enabled for any newly added Learners.

Baseline Assessments

Total percentage figure added to the existing Curriculum Area Tracker screen.

General Reporting

New blocks added for Funding, General Addresses as well as multiple additions to existing blocks.

New Staff report - List of last Appraisals.

New Learner report - Summative list of Outcomes, used for listing both Goals and EHCP Outcomes with relevant notes.

Due Date added to Target Summary report.

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