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October Update

Released 01/11/2021, this monthly update (v2.0.0.216) contains the developments listed below. Please note the larger update to Staff Absence, Parent Portal and the newer reporting options for ILR data.


- New widget added for Upcoming Staff Birthdays.

- Option to send emails from the SMS Announcements widget.

Event Log

- New report chart option for Over Time (Jan-Dec) added to custom reporting area.

- Copy Dataset option added to custom reporting area to create quicker comparisons

- Find event by ID filter added to Find Event screen.

- New option in Category Setup to Show Medication. This will display the information from the Medication tab of a Learners record on the Event Log screen for quick reference (will still depend on security permissions for the Medication tab).

- New Data Dropdown option added for Medication in Category Setup.


- New Orthotics field added to Personal tab.

- New Internal Email field added to Basic tab.

- New Current/Previous setting field added to External tab.

- Age filter added to Find Learner screen.

- Check In/Out screen now has option to view last 30 days history.

- New Consent Review Notifications added to Standard Values. This requires the separate Schedule service to work and will automatically email relevant staff when they need to review certain consent categories.


- PageOne SMS integration updated with new authentication method.

- New SMS integration for TextAnywhere. TextAnywhere has replaced ClockworkSMS and whilst anyone using the Clockwork option will still work we recommend contacting them and upgrading.

- Driving Licence expiry date field and Picture options added to General Address contacts.

- New policy to make the Reference field mandatory on EHCP Outcomes.

Evidence Browser

- Adjustments made for filtering efficiency and display.

- New option to toggle displaying evidence with attachments only i.e. photos/videos included.

Risk Assessments

- UI change to allow Scores to be visible without needing to use the available toggle option.

Staff Absence

- Large Shift Patterns, triggers and notifications options added. Please review the new articles on our help centre for detailed information on these and how to setup.

- New RTW Form Received field added to Absence records.

- New option to request Unpaid Leave from the My Holiday screen. Absence statuses related to this must be updated in Standard Values to indicate they should be displayed as an option. Unpaid Leave requests will work with the same flow as Holiday requests except that when accepted they will not calculate towards entitlement.

- Holiday requests can now be approved from the Absence Manager screen.

- New optional Break Hours field added to Absence records (also available in new Shift Patterns).


- New ILR SAR Report added to College Reports area. Please note this report was added on the specific requirements of a College so we recommend putting forward any adjustments you may need or asking about the criteria used.

- New ILR Dashboard screen. This will display graphical information on numbers and defaults to the previous year. This is brand new and we are looking for everyone to give feedback on any further information/charts they may wish to see. There is also an option on this screen to export the raw data used by this screen to get its results into excel should you wish to do your own.


- Display Units toggle added to first tab for quick reference.

- Qualifications marked as Principle will now be set to Core Aim on the ILR automatically (if not previously set).


- Bulk Edit screen now has the option to change the weekday.

- Changed the Day dropdown to have multiple selections on Template screen.

- Timetables can now be printed in Template mode.


- Template names are now editable.

- Start/end dates now displayed on Rationale Template listings.

Day Attendance

- Thumbnail of Learner is now displayed which can be clicked on for larger preview.

- Clicking on Timetabled start/end time will now display relevant Sessions.

- New filter for Transport. This reflects the information added in the transport screen. Used with the new items above this will help those with tablets waiting for transport coming in to quickly identify people by Transport/Picture.

Parent Portal

- New policies added for including Medication, rewards and some other tabs for Learners.

- New policy to indicate an email address for request changes to notify.

- New request changes option added to ILP screen. This will email the policy mentioned above as a notification and the request will automatically go into the Comments area for Staff to track and update.

- When adding Learners to a logon, you can now select different statuses.

Please note: The Parent Portal itself will be updated later this week to ensure Databridge updates occur beforehand to avoid table/database issues.

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