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Recent Update including FE Workforce Collection

This recent update (v2.0.0.159) includes the following developments:

Minor Updates

- Child Protected field added to Student Confidential data

- Standard Values - Social Workers created as a separate permission to allow changes without full access to this area

- Policies for Staff text has been changed to a Label to adjust the navigation and page description

FE Workforce Collection If you are not yet familiar with this return, please note that this is a requirement to complete starting in academic year for 2021 and we recommend looking into this as soon as possible if you receive funding through one of the following:

- 16-19 (excluding Apprenticeships)

- Adult skills

- Apprenticeships (from 1 May 2017)

- Community Learning

- European Social Funding (ESF)

- Other Adult

- Other 16-19

We have released a new screen in Reporting -> Menu under the Exports area, which you can use to enter the details for the collection and generate the file for submission. This will list only staff who are/were employed in the selected academic year, and where they have a job role of Senior Leader, Manager, Teacher, Teaching Support or Administration.

In order to assign these roles to existing records as easily as possible, where you add/edit the different Job Titles in Standard Values, you can now assign one of these roles against it. Please do this to all appropriate Job Titles before looking at the screen otherwise no staff will be listed.

In regards to fields such as Ethnicity where you will have entered this into Standard Values/Staff, you can use the Census code field in Standard Values to match these to the Collection specification accordingly to save you having to re-select them.

For more information, please have a look at the specification document:

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