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Recent Update v2.0.0.132

Released on 05/04/2021, this recent update contains the following developments:


There is a new policy available called 'Mark Auto-Achieved Targets to prompt End Score'. When enabled, after Targets are achieved they are marked to review the score on a seperate screen. This can be done within the Dashboard widget: Staff - My Links, and from there you can change the score and/or mark it complete to remove it from the list for review. The user achieving the Target will also receive an email notification to remind them to do this.

The Target Summary report, found at Reporting -> Reports Menu -> Achievement -> Target Summary, now has a filter for Subject.

Within the same area as the Target Summary report there is now an option called 'Subject Breakdown'. This works in the same way as the Curriculum Area Breakdown report except it starts with Subject at the top level and drilldowns into Targets/Objectives.

Day Attendance Dashboard

More indicators added to initial widget on this Dashboard for quick reference to certain groups i.e. KS3/KS4.

Virus Tracking

The dashboard widget available for Staff has now been changed so they can also edit a test record they entered, for the purpose of updating results and/or isolation dates.

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