Recent Update v2.0.0.134

Released 11/04/2021, this recent update includes the following developments:


There are two existing policies for highlighting attendance not yet set for both Students and Staff. If either of these have been set and Session attendance is not yet complete, a warning will appear on the Session Plan screen as a reminder.

On the Day Attendance - Absences widget, the notes field has also been included.

Event Log

In the Category setup for Events, there is a new default for 'Details Tagline'. Any text entered here will appear directly underneath the Details field to act as an informative/descriptive text as to what to enter.

Staff Policies

Staff can now open the policy directly from the Recent Policy Additions widget. Please note, they will still need to visit the Staff Policies screen to agree to the policy.

Session Templates

When in template mode and uploading templates to Live Sessions, you can now select multiple days instead of uploading these a day at a time.

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