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Recent Update v2.0.0.167

Released 21/06/2021, this recent update contains the following developments:

Evidence Browser

A new screen has been added to the Evidencing module called Browser. This allows you to look at Achievement, Observation and Incidental Learning evidence submitted to Databridge across different Students on the same screen.

It will display preview thumbnails of images attached as evidence and you can click these to view in full, click on videos to view and click on other types of evidence to download.

All tags added when recording evidence will display and you can also filter on these as well as other filters for Students such as Department, Year Group, Tutor, Looked after Child.

The aim of this screen is to provide quick access to viewing evidence and is brand new. Please do let us know anything else we can add to this that may assist you further.


New common report added to list Staff Appraisals.

New bubble Line Manager breakdown chart added to Reports Menu. This lists job roles and staff breakdown to act as a type of organisational chart.

Category/Status added as filters to Staff block on Block Reporting.

Tutor added as field to Lalemand block on Block Reporting.

Baseline Assessments

New option added to copy Scores from most recent Reassessment rather than original Baseline.

Student Data

ECHP Outcomes now have option to link Long or Medium Term Goals.

When manually achieving Targets and marking as 'Part Achieved', this no longer auto achieves the rest of the associated Objectives.

New option to record Exam Access Arrangements on Qualifications screen, this also includes a report to list these on common reports screen.

Event Log

When pinning an Event, you can now pin the Event for another member of Staff.

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