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Recent Update v2.0.0.170

Released 30/06/2021, this recent update contains the following developments:

Event Log Reporting

When adding or editing a dataset, you can now determine the colour the chart will use for the column for that dataset. Useful when using multiple datasets and want to categorise them by colour yourselves.

Objective Achievements

When recording achievements, you can optionally update the Score for the Target at the same time. A new prompt has been included so that if you choose the same score as the predicted score on the Target, it will suggest looking to see if the Target should be achieved.

Staff Policies

New +/- button to show/hide any sub-policies/appendices attached to a Policy.

New option to determine if the Policy requires the view/accept audit or can simply be viewed at any time.

New tab on Staff details screen to list Policies staff can see and highlights those they have not yet accepted.

Block Reporting

The Targets block now lists Curriculum Area, Skill Area, Skill, LTG, MTG, Actual/Baseline/Predicted Score.

Care Plan

Review details option from previous Care Plan screen has been moved over on request.

A reminder as per post a few weeks back that the updates will now be set to monthly so the next post on recent updates you see will be at the end of July.

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