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September Update

Released 28/09/2021, this months update contains the following developments:

Event Log

- New data dropdown for Qualification Units

- Update a logs Status from the Find Event screen

- Show all hidden sections option added to File Menu

- Find screen, new filter for Group added

- Re-order datasets option added to Reporting for changing order of results displayed in charts

- Reset dates option added to Reporting, useful for changing all datasets to a different date range

- Audit Log screen now displays specific changes in blue


- New block for Long Term Goals added to Block Reporting

- New block for Medium Term Goals added to Block Reporting

- New block for Buildings added to Block Reporting

- New block for Rooms added to Block Reporting

- New Target Score Summary report added to Reports Menu -> Achievement area

- Multi-select Status on Attendance dashboards


- Team around a Child field added to Confidential

- Leaving Care field added to Confidential

- Study Programme, Last updated fields added

- New bulk edit option for setting Attendance Tracking

- New option for Student Notifications added for Contacts Updated

- New Add Options button on custom General Address 1/2 fields

- Show Score Detail toggle added to Target screen options. Will display Score texts and related colours next to Targets

Evidence Browser

- Curriculum tags for filtering evidence

- Multiple select Students

- Multiple select Target Tags

- Incidental Learning Category for filtering evidence

- Print Evidence option added that will list displayed evidence only


- Colour field added to Vehicles

- You can now accept policies from the Recent Policy Additions widget

- Holiday Requests now have an optional field for stating a reason

- End Employment has a new option for removing any future absences set such as Holiday


- If Timetable Note added to a Learner, Student and Staff Timetable screens will display icon in top right of session block to indicate it. The note will be displayed next to the Student when clicking the Session block

- Template mode can now edit Sessions in a new tab

Baseline Manager

- Read-only access to Baseline Manager with Baseline Viewer screen

- When creating Re-Assessments, select which Targets to copy across

ILR Manager (SPA)

- Count of number of rows in each tab added

- New field filter in each tab to show only one or related fields


- Attendance Statuses now have a flag to indicate if they should create Attendance Tracking records or not

- New policy for the Show Achieved toggle on Targets to be set by default

- New policy to display only In Progress Medium Term Goals when adding Targets

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