Targets Forum - Summary

Firstly, thank you all for those that joined this morning and we hope you all found it all useful in some way.

We have now summarised the questions/answers and put these on the Forum page of this site under General Discussion -> Targets as promised. Please feel free to add additional questions/comments to further any of these as required.

We have also attached the AET framework from our own Target Cache as promised for people to use and as mentioned in the forum it would be good to get a copy of others to attach here as well. We are happy to anonymise them as required.

A video will be available of the Forum, however as users mention their details in there the video will only be available upon request, so do contact us to view this.

During the forum it was discussed that there were other areas that would benefit from a forum discussion in the same way. It was agreed for Databridge to try and have these on a fortnightly basis to cover them as soon as possible and included the following topics:

- Baseline Assessments

- Sessions / Scheme of Work

- Goals / EHCP Outcomes

- Care/Support/Placement Plans

We will post possible dates for these on here so please watch out for these.

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